Poster colour painting

It is friday! But an exhausting one. Early this week, E and I were playing at the playground and I saw this leaf lying on the floor. I thought, maybe we can paint on the leaf. At first, E was afraid to hold the stem of the leaf to bring home. After some assurance, she held the leaf and was not afraid anymore.

On last sunday, hubby and E did some painting. I brought out the leaf for her. This was what she did. I think it was artistic.

Painting on a leaf
She felt bored after painting. So I asked her to paint on an empty piece of drawing block. Normally, I will printed something for her to paint. This time round, I wanted to see what she can draw. Not bad I would say.

Freestyle drawing

I asked her what the colours stood for. She said:

Purple = Rain
Green = Tree
Black = Black Sheep
Yellow = Duck

Oh well..... too abstract. Can u see?

Happy Friday to all!