Bumpers for Baby Cot

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

I did some packing over the two days and meeting up friends for meals. So how did you spend your national day?

Some time back, my friend Joyce approached me to help her sew bumpers for her daughter's cot. Not the normal kind where it is a long, continuous piece of bumper where you just have to tie to the poles. Joyce was very concerned about her daughter's wellbeing. The long bumper proved hazarous for her daughter as she tended to lift up with her legs and in the process, bumping herself against the poles.

After gathering more information from her, the conclusion was to sew a bumper for each pole.

I prepared 38 similar bumpers and inserted polyester filling. I added velcro for ease of installation on the poles.

Finished bumper
Here is how it looked like after covering all poles.

On the cot poles.
@Courtesy of Joyce
And Hayley was enjoying herself inside the cot. Now her mummy is so relieved and not afraid of Hayley injuring herself. This also gives better ventilation while she is sleeping or playing in the cot.

Enjoying herself.
@Courtesy from Joyce
If you are interested in this, you can email me at joeycraftworkz@yahoo.com.

Now, back to Olympic Volleyball match.....good night all.