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Tomorrow is our country's 47th National Day. In fact, it will be a super long weekend for students, half day in school today and subsequent 4 days will be holidays! Crafty mummy will be very busy entertaining my daughter at home for these days, so I better share the good news with everyone today. :)

I started selling my handmades at another great online place called OwnAShop.com. It is vey easy to use and the best part is that as a starter for sellers, you get to list 25 items, absolutely FREE! No listing fee and no commission fee. If you are thinking of listing your items online and sell, why not try there! :)

Now the good news. My shop is featured at OwnAShop.com! (Click here)

Featured seller
In this interview, I shared my journey as an entreprenuer and why I chose OwnAShop.com to sell my handmades.

So what will you be doing this long weekend?

I wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day!