Green pants .. yet again

It hasn't been raining at night for a long, long time. I like it! How about you?

Yesterday, I finished sewing one pair of pants for my little one. Yes, you might already knew that it is green in colour (again!).

Last sunday, we went to my old neighbourhood market. I always like to visit market and check if there are any cute fabrics to buy home and sew stuff. The designs they had in their shop are quite unique and most likely I can't find in other places. However, the width of the cloth is slightly smaller than the quilt ones. I have some difficulties cutting out the measurement for a pair of long pants. I decided to cut short and made into a 3/4 pants instead.

This time round, I asked her to pick 2 designs. Just in case she does not want to wear, hee, at least I can tell her it was her who picked them. ;p

Here is the fabric pattern, with rabbits this time.

This is what I made.

Simple pants
I had a hard time taking photographs of her. She was running around the house and cheekily refused to look at the camera. Finally after dunno how many shots, this was the best I took of her.

Should I sew the same style for the other fabric? Hmmm...