Happy Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers!

If you asked me if I remembered mine, well, some of them who made an impact on me. This year is special as my little one is having her first Teachers' Day. Though the school never celebrate, I still think she should make something to thank them.

She was very excited to do art and craft. We bought the paper plates in the supermarket and I told her we can used them to make things. I found my pen-like stamps that she can used too. She stamped on the centre of the plate.

Chop chop chop
Waiting for them to dry

We waited for the stamp to dry and continued the next day. I prepared the petals according to the colours she used for the buds. I guided her on the usage of glue and I could say "not bad".

The flowers
She was so happy to see the results of her efforts.

I guided her by using washi tapes to paste the stick at the back of each flower.

And she is all set to give to her teachers later.



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