Homeschool - Opposites Flashcards

Very nice weather today! Cooling and not as warm like the previous days. I am down with cough and blocked nose... seems the virus could not disappear from my house. My little one has been sick for a month. Sick means no mood and motivation to craft and sew. :(

I must admit the absorption power of my little one. She can pick things up fast. Of course, SELECTIVELY I must say. Asked her to keep her things, she will take her own time or simply ignore. But when it comes to new things or toys, she will be sitting attentively to hear what you have to say.

She can recognise most of the OPPOSITES from one book. So I decided to make them into flashcards for her to play and test her.

I used powerpoint slides and printed them on colour printer before I laminated them. I pasted a velcro at the back. I also re-used an existing velcro board that has been hanging on my wall for her to paste the velcro cards.

She knows them all now... Time for me to search for more OPPOSITES.

Happy Hari Raya Puasa to all Muslims!