My New Book - SN@P Binder

I was awaken by the loud sound of the thunders and lightnings in the afternoon when I took a nap with my little one. Luckily, she was not disturbed by the sounds and could sleep like a log. :) I can't go back and sleep and decided to continue my new "toy" that I purchased.

This is SN@P binder album, from Simple Stories. I am influenced by my scrapper friends in the forum and could not resist, getting a few binders to play. I am not giving up on my SMASH books, in case you are wondering.

After careful thoughts, I decided to use the pink binder to capture my little one's birthday milestones. It was a bit challenging for me when I inserted 2 photos in the same pocket. Felt that they are dropping out anytime. My friends suggested me to put some emblishments or patterned papers so as to create a friction and they will not fall out easily. I shall try that. :)

The weather is perfect now. Cool breeze.

Hope you will enjoy a nice evening Friday.