Art and Craft Session

Today is the first day of school. It started off with a rainy morning and I was worried I could not wake up on time to send my girl to school. I was up since 7.30am. I am a bit sleepy now, but nevermind, later I will nap with her when she is back in the afternoon.

During the last week of the school holidays, I bought an art and craft book from Popular bookshop. It consists two parts - tear and paste and also colouring.

I wanted to train her to use the glue and paste the object onto the designated area. It was a struggle at first cos she wanted to do her way and I insisted she was wrong. We left the unfinished work aside and took a nap before trying again. This time, she was more cooperative and managed to complete the pasting of the whole book.

Her own way of holding the glue..

Pasting onto the book
She wanted me to buy more of such book. Glad she is enjoying herself.