Chinese New Year Cushion Covers - Fabric from Ikea

I am hooked on making new cushion covers actually. They are the easiest to make and I can throw away the old ones that I bought at the shopping malls. In fact, it was not easy to find a cover that I like. So the best way is to make them myself.

I used the fabric that I bought from Ikea last year. They are thicker than the normal cotton ones. Some of us called them oxford cotton. I decided to use some laces this time. I bought the lace at Texile Centre and they are Japan embroidery. Quality is good!

I sewed the laces on the edges of the back cover.

Sewed the laces
The finished products. Feels like living in a cottage due to the vintage design.



If you are interested to make one yourself, here are the measurements for a 16x16" cover.
1. Cut one piece of 17x17" fabric for the front
2. Then cut 2 pieces of 17x11" fabric for the back

Have fun.


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