Hello 2013 and Project Life

Hello 2013!!

It was an eventful morning with a minor slip-up by the little one and we had to go to the hospital. Luckily, all went well after 2 hours of waiting to see the doctor. The food came out by itself and we left soon after.

Finally, I had the courage to tear open the plastic sheet of my new album from American Crafts for Project Life. Yippee!!

Project Life Starter Kit
Most of the people chose to use Becky Higgin's Project Life's kit. But I chose Amercian Crafts as I bought this album in early 2012 with page protectors. It will be wasteful to buy the original kit. Maybe I will consider buying when I finish this album.

I picked this Jan 4 x 6 journal card from Simple Life Stories.  I love refreshing colours which brightened the overall look.

Kickstart 2013
I already started taking photos to place into the sections.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the little one. I guess I have enough photos for the week. However, in order not to give myself too much pressure since I am new to the game, I will not start by week. I will go for monthly.

Wow, it is 11pm now and the little one is still up. Time to chase her to bed.