Mimi in hot air balloon

Mimi in hot air balloon
Bought this stamp long ago but have no confidence in colouring with copic markers then. When I started colouring, I realised that my colours are not enough to play around. I just have to make do with them. Till there is a sale at art friend again, hopefully this year.

Which Mimi do you like? I like the right side Mimi.

These days, I have been arranging my 3 years of backlog photos, slotting them into page protectors into the album. It was a BIG project. And I almost forgotten the significance of the photos. All thanks to my diary, at least I was able to track what were the milestones made. Initially, I chose to paste them all in the SMASH books. After printing the photographes, they are simply too many to paste onto the SMASH books, resulting in thick books. The best part will be that it is easier for a kid like my daughter to flap through the album and will not spolit the designs. (I have lots of dog ears on the SMASH book that I did for outings. :( )

Oh ya, in addition, I am also doing Project Life for 2013. I have fun doing both as I can see my scrapbook materials been used, I am super happy. (Some of the materials were at least 4 years ago!)

Chinese New Year is coming round the corner. Are you ready for it?