My Project Life Tools - Essentials

Last night, I managed to sleep well as my kid was getting better. No more sleepless nights ahead. Phew! She is back in school and definately lots to tell us later after class.

I am on track with Project Life for the past years. Just finished 2012. Shall commence on 2011. I don't have lots of journalling but more photographes and captions on them. As I did the pages, I realised that some tools are important to me. Without them, I will be handicapped. Hence they are always within my reach on my scrapbook table.

Here are the ones, which you will agree with me, if you are onto Project Life:

I trusted my Canon Selphy printer so much that I hardly visit the shop now to develop my photos. I love the convenience printing at home. Best of all, it is in 4R. You can also use photo paper to print on your colour printer too.

Date stamp
Besides using number stickers on the journalling card, a date stamp is important.  You can record the event date of the milestone or important events.

Round corner puncher
Just to give a variety of the photos and journalling cards (since I am using my own patterned paper and cardstock). You can purchase this at Popular bookstore. Two sizes - small and large. There are different colours - pink, green and blue.

Glue tape and pen
Glue tape and a good pen. Please use those meant for scrapbooking to protect your photos.

Washi tapes
Lastly, washi tapes to decorate. I also use this to prevent the photos from falling out of some pockets, especially the ones on the top.

So do you have any essential tools that you must have for Project Life? Kindly share. :)