Project Life 2013

I have 4 sleepless nights continuously. Kid is sick, and still sick. More medicine from the doctor today. Haiz. Tried to take naps but could not sleep a lot too. I am trying to be patient to her but glad my hubby is taking the day off to help look after her.

(Oh man, I just realised I forgot to switch the rice cooker on....*pat my forehead*)

Today, I am sharing some snapshots of the Project Life that I am doing for 2013.

The first page

The first spread
If you asked me if I planned how I lay them out, the answer is NO. Most of my friends are documenting via weekly, but I am doing monthly because I don't want to create stress to myself as I just started Project Life. I lay them out based on my preferences. As you can see, I hardly use white cardstock as the background. I love colourful images.

That's all for today. *yawn*


  1. I like the hello 2013 card. Where does it come from? ;) n love the colors of your spread!

    1. Waisam, u can download for free here.


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