Another phrase stamp in my collection for Project Life

This week is the school holidays and I am very very busy in the house with my little one who demands my attention all day. At first I thought she can entertained herself with her favorite show in the television. However, she will request me to sit and watch with her. Oh well, I kinda like the cartoons she watched. So why not? We can also discuss together after each episode. Great bonding!

My project life for March is progressing very very slow and I only managed to finish 1 page. Luckily I jotted down the happenings on papers so that I can catch up next week when I have more free time in the morning. I started using the Childhood Mini Kit : Wellington Edition and it is not too bad to fill up the spaces.

I also bought a pre-loved phrase stamp from 7gypsies from my friend - Aiyen. I like the phrase and some are cute. I am not sure how to use "kid for sale" thou. LOL.

7gypsies stamp
I hope the weather will be more cooling as I am developing some heat rashes. Argh! And they are very itchy. I don't have the luxury of sleeping in aircon room too.

This sat will be Earth Hour. So what will you be doing?