May Artistic Trading Card Design Reveal

May is coming to an end. June is approaching, which means there will be lots of activities I have to plan for my daughter so that she will not be bored. I have some stuffs planned, just a matter of fulfilling with no hiccups (which I think I could not avoid).

As in my previous post, the theme for the May ATC was twine, hosted by Karen. I do not have lots of twines at home. I do not even know how to make full use of them. I am not good with twines, but I have lots of other types of threads - for knitting, crocheting, tatting, sewing...gee, I missed playing with those threads that I hoarded in my room. ;( I wish I have a revamped craft room to store all my craft stuff in just one room. Now, they are everywhere!

I did a very simple ATC this time.

First, I selected some flat-back butterfly buttons. Eventually I picked the blue ones.

Butterfly buttons
Then I tied them up with red and white twine into a ribbon knot.

This time, I used the "made with love" washi tape and these two roller stamps.

Roller stamps
Simple card.