Homelearning Journey

This June holidays are the best time for me to teach my daughter at home. The challenges for me were preparation of materials and time (now that I have to split my time amongst my 2 children, with different needs) So what are your challenges?

Where did I find the materials?

1. Joined a Homelearning facebook fanpage some time back which other mummies shared their resources on homeschooling. I tried to contribute, however, my expertises are not as wide as them and I applauded their contributions.

2. Via pinterest. If you are keen to find out my collections, you can link my board up at http://pinterest.com/joeycraftworkz/homeschooling/. It is updated almost everyday. :)

3. Via google. You can simply search for them randomly.

4. Subscribed to homeschooling webpages. I particularly like this Teachers Pay Teachers and No Time for Flashcards.

I printed out the materials using colour printer and laminated before cutting them into pieces. Velcro dots were sometimes used. I simply love using them. I bought this wall chart from Growing Fun and hang on my wall so that she can be engaged while I taught her.
Wall board
So what are your homelearning journey with your children?