My latest addition - Project life Blush Core Kit and Baby Edition Mini Kit for Her

I can't wait to share my latest Project Life loots with all. They are the latest range of Becky Higgin's project life products. After careful consideration and research, I narrowed my list to 2 kits.

1. Project Life Blush Core Kit

My scrappy friend Lennie is so nice to me. She helped me purchase this from the scrapbook store when I have no chance to visit and grab the newly launch project life in Singapore. They are just nice to use for my two girls. I can't wait to start using them for my backlogs, still stuck in May thou. Hopefully I will have the chance to start using them. However, the downside of buying a core kit is that there are 10 sets of the same 3x4 cards. Frankly speaking, I don't need so many duplicates cos I love a variety of designs for my album. I sold the redundant to my scrappy friends. Maybe I can consider buying another core kit in the future.

2. Baby Edition Mini Kit for Her

This is a mini version of the Core Kit. There are not many duplicates and when I split the 3x4 cards, there are only 2 sets. Perfect for me! Thanks to Aiyen for the spree. (Another great scrappy friend!)

Oh btw, there is also a boy version called Baby Edition for Him. Great for baby boys!

Besides the kits that I bought, I also bought the following for project life.

1. These are my American Craft's arch files for project life. Can you spot the latest addition?


2. Not forgetting this date stamp from Amy Tangerine.

So what have you bought during the Great Singapore Sale? Share with us if you bought.