Anpanman Pants or Shorts?

I was not really in love with Anpanman. Thanks to my daughter who always watched the Anpanman youtube toys videos that attracted my attention last year.

I searched high and low for related toys in Singapore and even searched the web for them. However, even Isetan or BHG did not carry them. Very sad. So far, I can only find snacks and sweets but not the toys.

It is only recently I found a supplier in facebook who brings in some of the Anpanman stuff but they are quite expensive and not justifiable for me to buy. Probably I will if I have a steady income.

Nevertheless, I tried to substitute other related Anpanman stuff. I found some fabrics sold at People's Park and definately going to sew something. We were debating on either pants or shorts.

I also saw a Anpanman magazine sold at Kinokuniya, Jem. The kids stuff are soooo cute!! Wish I can fly to Japan immediately and buy all of the cute stuff. Do you know that is even a museum for Anpanman?

If you can read Japanese, you can visit their official site at

And of course, if you know where I can get any Anpanman products in Singapore, please email me.