Interesting books that I found at Popular Bookstore

The other day, just two days ago, I went to Popular Bookstore at Causeway Point. A short gateaway with my family as it was just not right to stay at home for too long without breathing fresh air and aircon (yes, my aircon is not switched on in the house). Thankful for that.

Our favorite place is bookstores and libraries. My elder daughter can stay there for more than half an hour or till her mummy reminded her to go home for naps or meals.

The most frequent corners inside the bookstore are sewing, preschool assessments and interesting books, lastly the stationeries! The Chinese fiction/non fiction section is not my cup of tea as I can't read Chinese well and tend to skip words that I can't read. But then, I need to brush up soon as I need to teach my daughter and it will be embarassing if I can't read simple words.

I chanced upon this Chinese book, as recommended by a homeschooling mummy in the FB group and decided to get myself a copy (since there is a member discount of 25%). Till date, I have not read a single page yet. But I will try... ya, try my best to read.

Translate title- I am not borned to be a mummy

Of course, I also bought a book for my lovely daughter who kept asking me "why this and why that".

Translate title - 10k of Whys
She loves it. There are also other titles available. But this is quite cute.

So what are your latest book buys?


  1. Thanks for linking up! We recently borrowed a couple of interesting titles from the library. Been steering clear of the bookshops for awhile! ;)


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