Kid's laptop vs My laptop

In the beginning, I was very sure I won't want my kids to be hooked onto technology too early. I won't want them to spoilt their eyesight and be exposed to media. Just want some "offline" fun for them.

But I guess it is difficult as my hubby and I are quite an "online" person. So when our daughter saw us surfing with our laptops and mobile phones, I knew we had to give in very soon. We set a "good" example. ;p

My sister in law bought her a vtech laptop last year for her birthday present. It is still quite difficult for her to play as she does not know how to follow the instructions on the screen. But nevertheless, at least she owes one. (she kept saying, it is her laptop..)

vtech challenger laptop. It comes with a mouse too but misplaced.

She knows the difference between this and mine. So when she wants to watch youtube videos, she will ask for my permission on my laptop.

Playing with my old Vaio
Recently, she wants to be a typist. So I let her use Winword to type what she wants. Quite fun for her to search for the alphabets on the keyboard. She treats like a game.

Kids are amazing in playing and looking for fun in their own way.

(Now you should know why I have limited access to blog..)