MT Expo in Singapore at ION Art Gallery

If you asked me about MT Washi Tapes 2 years ago, I won't know a single thing at all. I didn't even know how to use them. I barely knew that they were for scrapbooking. Fullstop. That's about it.

Thanks to the friends I knew in Facebook. I got to know the usage of washi tapes and now, I used them in a lot of areas - eg, ATC, Project Life, envelopes, etc. I even knew of scrappers who collect a lot of them and can even open a museum I jokingly said. ;p I don't have that kind of collections. Right now, I think I only have 100 pieces, not 1000.

Last week, I went to the inaugural MT Expo in Singapore at ION Art Gallery Level 4. The expo was held from 26 July to 11 August. I kept resisting to go as I knew I will be spending again. But I still went and brought my two girls there. (Hubby's expression was...^ ~ ^)

ION Art Gallery Entrance

Gigantic balls

Smaller balls but so nicely decorated
Taken by Big E

There were some cute little craft houses for the kids to play. I reckon only the first one was fun as my daughter loves to play the kitchen set.

Playing with another girl
Someday, when the smaller one gets bigger, they will be playing kitchen together. Am looking forward to that.

Gachapon machines

There were also 2 gachapon machines to try our luck on the limited edition tapes.
My loots
And here were my damage with some Singapore limited edition tapes.
So were you there at the MT Expo? What were your damages? :)


  1. I added quite a bit to my collection too! Loved the peranakan tape. Did you get that too?

    1. Yes jasmine. Like the tiles. My favorite is the star n moon.


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