Wordful Wednesday - Ikea Chalkboard and Whiteboard

Recently, my daughter received a second-hand IKEA chalkboard and whiteboard from my ex-colleague whose children have outgrown the preschool years. I wanted to buy one last year, but then she was still too young to hold a pen. Now that she is able to write some alphabets and doodle, this gift came at the right time.

We went to Popular bookshop and bought some whiteboard markers and a duster. My hubby said no to chalks and duster as it will be too dusty, especially for the little one. Oh well, I had to listen to him, though chalks can be real fun in my opinion. Maybe when the little one got older. :)

Big E started to doodle
Again, I think she can really doodle. Here was what she drew.

Her doodle
I asked her what was it. She told me it is Miss Potato. But I think it looked like Miss Peppa Pig. What do you think? :)

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