Kids' craft - Finger Puppets!

Last Sunday, we watched the Mat Yoyo on Channel 8 in the morning after breakfast. My daughter and I were fascinated with the crafts they made under the Kid's craft segment. Finger puppets!

The materials were easy to find. I bought all of them at Daiso. (I spent almost $50 that day, buying boxes, felt, woods, etc)

You need:
1. Finger gloves - preferably size small
2. Felt - preferably with adhesive on one side so that the kid can tape up easily
3. Scissors
4. Googly eyes
5. Threads
6. Double sided tape or glue

1. Test the gloves onto your kid's hands to make sure they can fit

My model
2. Cut the felt in rectangular shape to make the tee and paste on the lower part of the glove. Size is up to you.

Adhesive felt

Back of the packaging
 The grid lines at the back enable use to draw before we cut. Brillant idea.

How it look like
3. Cut the threads and bundle them up to make the hair. Alternative, you can also use felt to make.

4. Glue and paste the googly eyes and cut some felt for the mouth.

Our finger puppets!

She had so much fun!


  1. Simply adorable and fun learning of fingers (esp for lil ones). Thanks for sharing at Growing Hearts!


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