Thankful Tuesday: A note to remember

I think I am bad at remembering things. Even so after giving birth to my second child. I am not sure if it was because of that or was it just my age. Or maybe I have too much on my plates.

But I do not want to forget memories that are worth keeping. Also those creativities juices that I generated when I daydreamed or while I was feeding my baby.

I want to preserve them. Yes. Thankfully I started Project Life in 2013 to record my kids' development and milestones. Other then that, I also jot them down in notebooks. Not digital. How ironic when I am an "online" person.

I have different books for different purposes. I have diaries, sewing, scrapbook, kids craft, etc. The Muji notebook cover which is kraft paper is great for me to decorate with washi tapes and scrapbook emblishments.

Some of my notebooks
I even want to decorate the inside with the deco rush that I bought. Recently I made a purchase on the deco rush pack from popular. A huge addition to my current stock here.

Deco Rush
I also used my favorite ink pad and stamp for date stamping.

Tools that I must have

How do you record your memories and notes? Manually or digitally?