Creativity 521: Kid's Craft - Painting Eggs

Today, I want to share with you what I found and did with my daughter last week. We chanced upon a bag of plastic eggs in one of the shop at Chinatown. Spontaneously, the painting of eggs came into my mind. Well, it is not Easter Day. But nevertheless, she never painted on eggs before. She was so excited and carried the eggs all the way home.


We used the water colour paints bought from Popular bookshop.

Chose her favorite paint. At one time, she wanted PINK. But later changed her mind.

Painting like an artist

The good thing about drawing on the plastic eggs is that if she made a mistake, I can wash away, clean with water and wipe with cloth. Sounds good!

Then, we use the leftover threads and felt from the Finger Puppets craft that we did. I love to recycle leftovers or things that I can find at home. I cut the felt and/or thread to make the hair.

Felt from Daiso
Threads from Daiso
Diligently removing the double sided tape

Finally, the eggs are ready. Aren't they cute?

Eggs with face and hair

One thing I realise I can't dictate when and how my daughter wants to paint or do things. If her interest died down due to delay, she will not want to do that "thing" till she wants to.

So no matter how busy I am, I will have to paint with her when she requested. Anyway, it will only be 10 mins and she will be interested in other stuffs. 10 mins is all I have to give.

What have you been doing with your kids with 10 mins?

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  1. So cute! We did similar painting for Easter last year too! It's amazing how much 10 mins of quality time from a parent can mean to a child, isn't it? Thanks for linking up! =)

    1. Ya.. to me, 10mins is short, but to her, 10mins is fun with Mummy!

  2. Hello Joey,
    Glad to emeet you. I am a recent SAHM/WAHM convert. It's been a challenge so far, I am way busier than when I was working full-time. I can't agree more with you on the importance of timing and opportunity to nurture interest. Thank you for sharing, a good 10 mins fix is much needed during this transition period for me. :) Have a lovely week and hope to be in touch!.

    1. Hi Diana, thanks for visiting. You will not regret your decision. 3 is a lot to handle, but it will be fun!


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