Life of Mum: Creativity Never Stops Functioning in My Daydreaming

I am an avid reader of GingerbreadMum and chanced upon a new mummy linky that she has created for one whole year, starting today. As a great fan of hers, I decided to support her on the first day of launch.

For a start, I am not going to tell a long story of my typical day, which you might get bored with. The waking up, the rushing for school, meals, naptimes (screaming and constant nagging), bathtimes, reading, housechore (laundry is a MUST for everyday, but folding of clothes is not until the mountain is formed), blah blah. I dont have the pictures to share the above yet. So, let's skip first. :p

[PS, Big E is running high on the linky icon while I typed this. She kept pointing and say out "Mama" lots of times.]

I applaud myself and mamas out there, especially those I saw in the Homelearning group who are so creative in developing kid's craft and even homelearning tools and materials for their children. I am thankfully that I can learn from them and hopefully I can contribute in the near future.

For me, even though my time is now very limited with No 2 occupying most of my time, I do daydream more than any time now. Thinking of what I can do to occupy and amuse my No 1 so that she will not feel the negligence. So, jotting down the ideas for later use helps. But of course, sometimes it is spontaneous. {Mummies will know better.}

Ideas can popped out from any where, any time and any place, with anything! In fact, we chanced upon some plastic eggs at Chinatown last saturday and immediately, I thought we can do some face painting, which No 1 loves so much! (Will be sharing this later.)

Even watching children programmes on the TV can spark ideas like this finger puppets.

And also, visiting our favorite DAISO store can also spark ideas. I bought these for her pretend play at her kitchen.

All from DAISO
I thank my parents for passing down their creativity gene to me. I hope my children will get some too and pass on to their next generation.

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  1. Oh my! The finger puppets are so cool! Thank you so much for linking up :)

    Hey you know what? I think you might like this one (it's about daydreaming! - since your post is titled daydreaming!)


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