5 places where the stickers will be after I gave to my kid

I am not sure when I started to buy stickers for my Big E. Maybe after she started schooling last year. Of course, I was not prepared for the little "mess" or creativity which she has done to our house. (Yeah, I can hear some daddys and mummies nodding their heads.)

Some spots made me laugh, some angried me. But I admired her creativity to be able to pick the right ones for the right places.

Here are the 5 spots that she has invaded.

1. On the door.

This was her first invasion on my craft room door. This lazy mum should be able to remove one of these days.

 2. On the shoe cabinet

Her latest invasion. At first, it was the TV frame. I suggested her to move to here as there were far too many stickers. She will have more to decorate than on the TV frame.

3. On the wall

That is the most common area for her to paste when she got hold of any.

4. On the table

Well, she has not been sticking any after I covered up with a table cloth. Ha ha.

5. On her legs

This one made me laugh out loud! She was so happy and cheeky.

So where are the unexpected places your kids picked to paste the stickers?


  1. Wow that's a whole lot of stickers! Mine loves to stick stickers on himself, esp on his nose!


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