2013 review on my "firsts" that made me happy

2013 is coming to an end very soon and the arrival of 2014 is just hours away. Even though my kids occupied my time the most, I still managed to have some "firsts" in my crafting.

A recap of what I did.

1. Project Life

Blush core kit
An important keepsake for my children in years to come. Although I tried to keep up to date, it is still challenging for me. I have thousands of photographs to pick and edit. Not forgetting cutting and pasting. Hmm..

Right now, I did up to August. I am four months behind. Nevertheless, it is better than nothing. I can see more of my emblishments, stickers and papers are used up. The irony is I also bought a lot to replenish the space. Ha.

2. Felt doll

Felt Akindon-chan
Oh well, all thanks to Big E. She wanted me to make her a Akindon-chan. Reason being she is in PINK. Her favorite colour for now.

I am not in the favour to do hand sewing as my skills sucks. But after making this felt doll, I realised I can make more, not just dolls. This will definately not the last doll I will be hand sewing.

3. Quilting

First mini quilt piece

Hexagons. My Fav!
Never did I expect myself to fall in love with mini quilting and hexagons! I signed upself to a secret mini quilt swap and made this to my partner in USA.

It was fun doing english piercing paper (EPP) and of course, hand sewing!

I have some projects in my pipeline. Look out for them.

4. Deco rush and Decorno

Deco Rush Tapes

Decorno Stamps
I had this craze suddenly with all those deco rush tapes and decorno stamps. They are so pretty and fun to play with. Even Big E likes to roll the decorno stamps. My collections have increased. Opps!

5. Participate in sewing swap

Mini Quilt from my swap partner

Lastly, I participated in my first mini quilt swap. I have also just signed up another. This is so so fun.

I wish all a Happy New 2014! I hope I can craft and sew more. :) How about you?

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  1. Oh I love the doll! You should definitely sew more! Happy New Year to you and your family! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Summer. Yes I should sew more. Hopefully by then im more relax


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