Learning a new skill - Preparing Puree for Her Little Sister

Preparing food for my Small E can be fun. In fact, I am not a good cook myself. I rather spend my time scrapbooking or sewing. But never cooking or baking. Maybe one day, the kids were to be bored, I can pick up some baking skills so that we can have fun at home. We never know.

For instance, if you heard me mentioned that I will not do any quilt, well, I did one last month. ;p

That day, I decided to blend an apple for her to eat. As usual, Big E's curiousity came. She asked me what I was doing and if she could help too.

I asked her - "You want to try operating the hand blender and make some puree for your sister?"
She replied - "YES!"

She held the blender carefully and pressed the button for it to work. She had fun. It was great to teach her how to use it and give her a sense of responsibility.

Our Small E opened her mouth wide to taste the apple puree made by her sister.

PS. This was done under my supervision. Please do not let your kid operate any appliances themselves.