2013 Project Life Mistakes Made.. Moving on to 2014

I have not completed my 2013 Project Life album. The other day, I just finished my September month. I left 3 months before I can close the 2nd album. I am so late!

2013 title cards

Here are the reasons why I think why I failed for 2013 Project Life:

1. My first attempt
2013 was the first time I tried doing project life. I also did past years from 2009. Too overwhelming I guess.

2. Too many photographes
I love to take photographes of daily happenings especially on my kids. I can even took 5 of similar shots to make sure I had a good one. This amount to hundreds per month to sort and select. Plus I had to photoedit to make them nicer. I also had to write the dates down so that they were in order.

3. Used too many embellishment
I have a lot of embellishments. A LOT of stickers, alphas, quotes, cardboard type, washis, etc. I had an intention to use as many as I can so that I can clear them. I had been hoarding them for too long. So the problem came as I had too many to choose from and designing just one card.

What will be my plans for 2014?

1. Do not edit my photographes
I will give up editing all my selected photographes and print directly. This will save me a lot of time.

2. Used lesser embellishment
Yes, definately helps and saves a lot of time. I will also asked my Big E to help decorate some of her photographes with the stickers I have in my storage.

3. Move on and never look back
I will not look back at the previous months for touchups. Move on!

4. Use a diary
2014 planner from Typo
I intend to use this planner that I bought at a sale at Type (50% discount) as my diary that document all we have spent each day. It will be easier for me to tally with my photographes.

Wish me luck!

Maybe I should do both 2014 and 2013 concurrently. Good idea?


  1. It's my first attempt at Project Life this year and I hope that it will not be too overwhelmed by it. So far only completed my title page and week one and am still half way through my December Daily mini album :) I enjoy crafts too so hope to bounce off ideas from your blog.

    1. Hi Susan, all the best for PL for 2014. You might want to start small by events if you are afraid of overwhelming. :) Quite fun actually when you looked back on those you have done. At least my little one will flip once a while.


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