Scrapbooking Storage Tip 4: Organising those loosely twines - Entangling is no fun

Happy Horse Year to all! We have been super busy this Chinese New Year. Prior to that, we were busy packing our house, especially my craft room. I was so happy to see empty boxes been thrown and new storage systems in place. The downside was I could not remembered where I placed them after the major cleanup. :(

My Big E loves to help me up especially in the craft room as they were so interesting to her. Her mummy has lots of crafts and scrapbooking materials lying around, so colourful and so tempting. Everytime I craft, she will be by my side, telling me she wanted to help me.

I will try to accomodate to her request and find some stuff for her to do.

During the spring cleaning, I asked her for her help to pack the twines I have in my collection.

Dont be deceived but the small box. Haa. Lots of loose ones at the bottom
I have some wooden pegs at home.

Lovely pegs
I taught her how to keep the twines onto the pegs. Clipped the start of the twine first.

How it looks like
Then, started turning round and round.

Enjoying herself
She did a great job!

Neat and tidy
Loose twines were not fun at all especially when they tangled up. You can also use this method to keep your cross stitch threads too.

Cheap and economical.

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  1. Good idea! And seems like a great activity to occupy the kids too! Haha. Thanks for linking up!

  2. At least she was occupied n I can clean up other parts of the house. :)


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