My Big E has grown up - Guiding her to be a helpful girl

My Big E has grown up! She is a wonderful BIG sister to Small E, helpful student in class and at home.

She loves to help out at home, even though she can overlook and forgot to keep her books on the shelves, toys back into the toy baskets, or even shoes lying near the doorway after school.

Everytime she saw me in my craft/work room, she will asked if she can help. (She finds my stuff very interesting and refreshing.)

Tidying the washi tapes

Sorting the buttons

Tying the twines onto the pegs
Sometimes, she will also help me blend Small E's food.

Preparing puree
To me, it was a relief having her helping me around in the house, be it small or big. She even volunteer to look after and entertain Small E when I needed to go to the kitchen or toilet (before Small E cries).

Some day, I will introduce the broom and mop, or even the kitchen towels to wipe the dirty table after meal to encourage independence.

I was thinking it could be my presence at home that moulded her to be a helpful girl. I wonder what will it be like if I were still working. Will she be as helpful?

Once I asked her if I could go back and work to earn more money so that I can buy more toys for her. She said: "No, I want mama to be with me."

Aww... my heart melted.

Mama loves you, my Big E.

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  1. Love little girls who are helpful and always curious to learn new things. You are a blessed mama! Thanks for linking up with Love Talks. :) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family too Klessis. :) Though sometimes she can be notti, overall she is still a good young girl. What more can I ask?

  2. Great that she loves to help out around the house. Always helps to have a little hand. Hehe. Thanks for linking up!


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