Our first (official) English spelling journey

Frankly, I never made any effort to teach Big E how to spell English words. In the past, during her nursery days, I began with some 3 letter words. After a while, she refused to spelt out for me and I gave up.

This year was different.

One day, after school, she showed me a piece of paper and I saw some words for SPELLING.

Spelling list
They are not just 3 letter words. Some are longer, some are shorter.

I was both happy and excited as we can began the spelling journey again. *evil grin*

This time round, I made more effort in preparing her for the tests. I searched for ready made alphabets flash cards, printed and laminated them. I cut the corners using the Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper. (Thanks to my scrapper friends Alicia and Felicia who gave me the tip.) I used the Popular Brand Corner Cutter before but did not trim well for the laminated cards.

Cut the corners using my scrapbook tool
 Then Big E placed the cards onto the wall chart holder.

Spelling on the wall chart
I will test her whenever I had the opportunity. She will also practise writing onto a book with her father.

Do you have any tips on how to learn spelling? Do share under the comments.

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  1. Thanks for linking up Joey. This is a good idea to teach spelling for kinesthetic children, as having to hold and interact with the cards do help them to remember and learn easier

    1. Agreed. Esp she can always refer to the wall chart any time


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