Play Learning Tuesday: Ikea's Expedit can also be a playden (Only for a night thou)

The other day, while I was packing the 2 x 2 Ikea Expedit shelf, I discovered I could no longer squeezed the amount of books we have at home as there were far too many lying around in the house. (Btw, all are my Big E's.)

I told my hubby, we need to upgrade!!

So we popped by Ikea and bought the 4 x 4 Expedit shelf. Now I have 16 slots to place all the books, craft tools and magazines. I was happy to the max!!

He took 1 hour to put all the planks in place. After dinner, Big E sat in one of the cubicle and read. I asked her why she did that. She told me that it was fun sitting in an enclosed space.

Reading, her favourite pasttime
Then the "I also want" Small E joined her.

Sisters united
They had fun playing with each other there.

Oh well, the fun lasted till their bedtime.

The expedit was up against the wall and I finished organising the cubicles within 2 hours.

Clean and neat
Happy gals. Happy mummy.

Toddly Mummy


  1. This is ingenious! What a fun way to make use of a piece of furniture. Thanks for linking up! :)


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