A letter to my Big E

Dearest Big E,

I am sorry for not spending enough time with you alone after the arrival of Small E. Mummy's time has to be shared between both of you and most of the time, I have to allocate more to her than you.

After I put meimei to sleep at night, you will also be too tired to play or read with me during weekdays.

However, I realised the change in you, for the better, mostly.

1. Self feeding
- In the past, we had been feeding you during mealtimes till you turned 4 years old. I explained and encouraged you to self-feed and not watch youtubes on mealtimes. Now, I can have more time to take care meimei while you eat your lunch or dinner. You began to appreciate and explore new food. You also began to understand the importance of eating by yourself after you saw your friends or other children who can't eat by themselves.

2. Changing clothes and wearing shoes
- You could not remove or button up your clothes before. Nowadays, you are ready with your school attire on without us interferring.

3. Toilet-training
- No more diapers. Phew! Of course, occasionally you still leaked at night. But we are happy with your performance. Now we just have to buy for meimei. Thanks for saving on the household expenses.

4. More initiatives
- You helped out by emptying the meal bowl in the trash bin before placing into the sink after each meal. You also started to help me keep the laundry from the bamboo. Others like keeping the toys and books, entertaining meimei while I did my housechore or go toilet.

We will try to bring you out - just the 3 of us to any place you fancy. Be it playground or library. We could swing you up without one of us carrying meimei. We will also do more kids craft at home to play. (Mummy will crack her brain more.)

Get ready for selfie

Smile BIG BIG now!
Thank you for loving us, especially your meimei. Please wait a little longer and she will be able to play with you at the playground soon.

School holidays are here. Mummy will be planning lots of fun activities for you to enjoy.

Kiss kiss.