Creativity 521: Air Brushing Craft

I am always on a lookout for new kids' craft out there. Not only I can "play", Big E can also learn new crafts from me.

I saw this air brushing craft at a store in Chinatown Point - Dou Yi Bookstore. I love visiting bookstore to browse through new books and stationeries (esp pens, paper, etc)

So I bought a set for my girl to try out.

The set included a presser, some coloured pens and some stencil plates. All we need to do was to insert the pen onto the presser. We can also selected the pressure too.

Pressing the tool

Her masterpiece
We love night crafting. Opps!

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  1. Looks fun! We love to go to such stores to shop too! And yup, most of our crafting takes place after dinner! Haha. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Yes, I love Du Yi too! Will never forget to drop by when I am on a trip to Daiso


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