Felt Mascot: Anpanman Keychain

If you have been following my posts closely, you would have remember Big E's passion for Anpanman characters. Even though we hardly watched the cartoons as they are in Japanese, we just like the kawaii characters.

I bought some books on felt sewing of the characters. Big E loves to flip through the pages and always asked me to make something there for her. I stocked up felts from daiso and they are collecting dust. Ya, I know!

In order to please her for a while, I decided to sew this little Anpanman keychain for her to hang on her school bag.

Anpanman keychain
It was done up pretty fast. I did a shortcut too. I used a black marker to draw the eyebrows and mouth instead of stitching up. I also used adhesive felts for his nose and cheeks. All I did was to use blanket stitch to close up the front and back after stuffing to give a volume.

She loved it and showed off to her classmates. :)