Yarn Bombing Singapore - Singapore Mini Maker Faire (SMMF)

We are gathering a group of crafters to knit and crochet pieces of items to yarnbomb the Singapore Mini Maker Faire (SMMF)! Items will be placed at either Singapore Science Centre or the Cashew Senja CC (event venue) in the run up to the SMMF.

Interested? Read on, or email to yarnbombingsg@yahoo.com.sg

What is yarnbombing?
Yarnbombing is like graffiti street art except with yarn, and in Singapore's case, we need approval! Here are a few links:


What about sewing?
We would love you to knit or crochet, but we are open to sewing similar pieces that would contribute to the yarnbombing spirit - the more the merrier!

Involvement - knitting, crochet - also open to sewing scrap fabric too! Your time, knitting needles, crochet hook and yarn! We don't have a sponsor, but if everyone pitches in, we can make it a community effort towards what we love doing :-) In fact, you could use t-shirt or fabric yarn from old garments too, if you like!

a) Make one or more pieces for yarnbombing
b) Yarn-bombing meet-up to collect initial made items, learn and to share ideas. Our first meet up is 1 May. c) Help with tying up the pieces at venue.

Patterns/Ideas for Yarnbombing: No need to be complex.

How to crochet

How to knit

You can also joined the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YarnbombingSG to be updated with news and updates.


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