Baby Teething - Extreme painful period for me

Whenever babies were cranky, teething was always in our checklist. I could not remembered when my teeth came out. Must be extremely painful. OUCH!

Small E's first tooth came during her 7th month. I was so happy for her as some of her peers already had 6 teeth. My only assumption was if her tooth came out late, did it also mean it will dropped later too? I am not sure.

I remembered it was difficult for me and her. She tried to latch but had to adjust some tries to get the best grip. Poor me, I had to endure the pain when she could not. I was quite scared when she bited hard. Soon, her second tooth came out and we had peace for a while.

Then, her top tooth came. That was a difficult period too. She always cranky and woke up lots of time crying. We were unsure if it was due to teething or the oral thrush she had inside her mouth. She was drooling most times and loved to bite anything she could grab hold off. She also bited my shoulders and arms.

Peace came again when the tooth was fully emerged.

The same cycle came again when her other teeth came out. Yes, teeth, not TOOTH. At first I thought she had 2 teeth coming out. I was wrong. My last count was 4 - 3 on top and 1 at the bottom. It must be extremely painful for her. Oh yes, the gripping part is back again. Latch and unlatch.

I am scared to the max as now, she has more teeth.

What I did when she bites:
1. Pinched her cheek.
2. Some mums suggested me to pinch her nose. Some day I might try if she is nasty.

No mood to play with mummy

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