Card making is addictive - Especially for a good cause

Ok, I am hooked!

Happy and fulfilling.

I never knew card making can be so fun and enjoyable, especially when I did with Big E. At first, she was just standing next to me. Kept asking what I was doing. I explained to her that I was making cards for the sick children in the hospital. I furthered explained why they were sick and these cards could make their day easier.

"Mummy, can I help too? I could draw or help you paste the stuff on the cards?"

So sweet of her.

I roped her in to my production line. It was certainly made my process faster. In fact, within a short span of 3 days, we made 50 cards.

Partial of the inventory
Some of the cards we made as below.

Thank you card

Another Thank you card
We will be making more tomorrow. That's for sure.