Sacrifice of my leisure - What does a long weekend meant to me as a SAHM?

This is not supposed to be a grumpy night. Especially on a long weekend.

Well, what does a long weekend meant to me as a SAHM?
1. I can rest and relax more since hubby is not working and can look after the kids.
2. More housechores to be uncovered since I can't do them on a regular day. (Opps, I skipped this part today as I just don't want to do.)
3. I could shop by myself. No need to worry about little fingers touching the displays, crying cos sleepy or hungry or "Mummy, can I go playground and play?", "Mummy, I need to go toilet." etc. Well, at least we were in the same mall but different shops or activities. (In case Small E is looking for me.)
4. I could spend more time with Big E alone.
5. Maybe I could go for a jog.
6. Maybe I could watch my dramas online.
7. Maybe I could sleep early.
8. Maybe I could scrap some stuff.

The reality.
1. I can't skip my daily chores totally. I still have to prepare food and nurse Small E.
2. I can't shop for too long as I can't spend too much on my own things. Normally, I will buy things for my girls or groceries.
3. There are 1001 stuffs that I have to do. But need to prioritise. Honestly, I don't give a shot and just go with the flow.
4. I have lazy bones. But I tried to walk than jog.
5. I wish I have a chance to watch movies in the theatre or spa or massage. I am going to miss so many blockbusters movies.
6. Yes, I could scrap more stuff but lazy.

How do I keep myself sane?
1. Do something I like. I like hands-ons especially scrapbook and sewing. I will try to do something when I have the time at night.
2. Bring the girls out in the morning to enjoy some fresh air and sun. I also need vitamin D.
3. Watch youtube videos especially on scrapbooking. I can't wait to start my mini albums again.
4. Read mummy blogs and forum and know I am not the only one insane.

Night is still young. Maybe I should blog some more.

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  1. pat pat. the thing about sahm is that there are usually no alternative caregiver for the kids. Hope u do get more rest and enjoyment this weekend!

  2. ya lor. otherwise, we would be sahm if there are alternative caregiver. Yes, I still can enjoy the next two days. play more with my papers.. haa..


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