Yarnbombing Singapore - My first contributions

I am not an expert in crocheting. If you asked me, I preferred learning from Japanese books (which I can't read Japanese, but love to look at the patterns and symbols) than English books (with those abbreviation). I have lots of books to read, however, I never completed one piece of crochet stuff.

So irony.

Luckily, I chanced upon this Yarnbombing Singapore activity and decided to make some. I opened up my long forgotten thread box up on my cupboard. I picked the colours I needed. These were just partial of my collections. Wonder when I will be able to finish one ball.

Finally they seen light!
I selected this pattern from one of the book I have. It seems to be the easiest of them all and great as a coaster. Maybe I can consider making some for my friends. Idea!

Nice coaster
You must wonder how I could afford time to make. Well, I did while watching tv at night or even inside mrt train. I could also squeezed some time off on weekends while my hubby looked after the kids.

I managed to crochet a stack. Maybe I should do more with new patterns.

Impressive stack
If you are interested to join in the fun, there will be a meetup tomorrow at the Singapore Science Centre in the morning. The first meetup will be at the Macdonalds outlet at 9.45am. After which they will proceed to one of the conference meeting room for the activity. It will be ending at 12pm.

For more details, please email yarnbombingsg@yahoo.com.sg