Kid's game - Motor and observant skills using washi tapes

I was packing and organising my craft room to make way for more stuff and to allow my two kids to be able to play with a bigger space on the floor last weekend. They no longer like to play at their toy room anymore. Guess my craft room is more fun to be around and besides I am always inside this room.

I used to have two mahjong-sized tables in the middle of the room, against the two sides of the wall, opposite each other. So we left the centre small area to walk. Plus my cupboards and shelves and 2 more long tables against one side of the wall. I decided to keep one mahjong table (which serves as our dining table these days) and clear one side table for Big E to do her stamping, colouring and homework.

The room is now more spacious to walk in, play and laze around. (I can even lie down and relax! Those friends who have visited this room can relate.)

I cleared up lots of containers and baskets and a game idea just popped my mind this morning. I told Big E to try to toss a washi tape into each container based on their colours from a distance.

Playing tossing game with washi tapes
First few tries were out of the containers and they simply rolled to the other side. (I had to pick them up from the "dark" corners of the room as they rolled.) Then I taught her a simple way and she managed to throw into the correct basket. She was grinned with joy.

Baskets from Daiso
I can also teach Small E some motor skills by placing the tapes into the basket. Or even transferring from one basket to another.

Motor skills for a toddler
We just simply loves washi tapes game.