Prima Doll Stamps - Fun colouring for Kids

As a SAHM, my pockets are tighter, especially when it comes to scrapbooking materials. I have to justify with many reasons why I need that particular die cut, stamp, paper, ink or tools before I bought them. It is a very tedious process as there are too many things on my wishlists and too many attractive goodies that each brand offered. I also love to watch youtube videos and the stuff they demonstrated were too good and cute. It was hard to resist most of the time. Sometimes, I wish I can work again to have some income. But then again, some things were bought and treated like a white elephant. This is very bad as it was a bad judgement. I will try to minimise that.

One of the best way to minimise the cold status is to integrate the scrapbooking materials and tools into my kid's art and craft. I have lots of wooden and clear stamps which I could stamp on white paper for her to colour with her colour pencils or crayons. Big E loves to stamp and play with the inks.

Recently, I bought some Prima Doll Stamps, designed by Julie Nutting from the local scrapbook store. They are so cute and pretty. Big E picked the designs and I must admit she has great taste. I like other dolls too but decided to trust her judgement in the end.

Prima Doll Stamps
I stamped the dolls onto a plain sheet of paper last night to give her a surprise this morning so that she could start colouring while I handled Small E.

At first, she used my copic markers to colour. The effect was not that fantastic as she did not know how to control the markers. Her hands were stained with the alcohol inks and hard to wash off. I suggested her to use her colour pencils and you know what she told me? She said there are not enough colours for her to colour the dolls. I guess I have to buy her a bigger range of colours to use soon.

This was what she did.

Colouring piece
Not bad, right?

At least, she knew that the face, neck, arms and legs should be of the same colour. The hair and the dress can be of different colours. (In the past, she coloured everything in ONE colour.)

I could see that she tried not to colour out of the lines.

I ought to give her more practice in colouring. I have not sent her to additional art classes other than in school and I don't restrict her by forcing her to use certain colours on certain areas. Eg, the hair must be black and face must be beige, etc. In fact she preferred the bigger dolls than the smaller ones. Guess it is not enough for her to colour. My next job will be to cut the dolls out for her to play. Maybe I should also prepared more dresses for her to interchange. Or even have a doll house?

After finishing her colourings, she asked me why their legs are so thin towards the ends. I explained that they are just cartoons.