SAHM Survival Tips - What to do when we are sick

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies out there! Be it you are a stay-at-home-mum or a full-time-working-mum, your child/children must have showered you with lots of love and their handmade gifts for you.

For me, I just want my children to recover from their sickness (including myself who is recovering from cough and running nose.) It is extremely heartbreaking to see my children coughing and sneezing for 2 weeks despite visiting the doctors 3 times and more and a visit to the hospital A&E last night. The virus seem to stay in the house and could not break out sooner. (Luckily the man in the house is ok.)

I never looked back at my decision to quit my Marketing job 4 years ago. Yes, we have to sacrifice on some luxuries like overseas trips, eating at restaurants, buying clothes, toys and gadgets. However, in turn, I will be with them 24/7 and involve in their growing up days and get to experience their first milestones. I don't want to miss any of those. I am a sticky mum. :)

So how did I survive during our sickly days?

1. Remember to wear masks.

Mask on
It is very important so that we don't spread the virus to each other again. In fact, it is not our culture to wear masks in Singapore unfortunately. I couldn't stand it as each of us were attacked again the minute we recovered. I had to wear a mask to protect myself even thou I recovered. I found one for Big E but still a bit too loose for her. So I had to tie a knot on the elastic band on one side.

2. Drink lots of water
We always take for granted even though water is readily available. If we don't drink enough, the phlegm thickened and it is even harder to recover.

3. Sub out housechore


I find that it is extremely important to train Big E some simple housechores from young so that she can help me in times like this. We do not have a helper. Hubby will take over the harder chores if I am unwell. We will also sub-out the cooking by either buying from the foodcourt or eating at my parents' place. I will portion Small E's food into small containers and freeze them up and heat up the next day.

4. Stay near our parents (either one side)
Super convenient if we had to separate the kids for awhile. Sometimes, when I was drowsy with the medication, my father could help look after when I took a quick nap.

5. Planning of inhouse kid's activities
It is useful to have some inhouse kid's actitivies for them to do especially we could not go outside. Things like DVDs, colouring, scrapbooking, homemade toys are good.

6. Vitamin C
Eat your vitamin C pills at the very least.

7. Lastly, please go and apply for the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)
If your family is eligible for this, please apply soon as it take a long time to process. This will help fray some of the doctor's fee. Extremely good for single-income family. Click the link above to find out if you qualify.

I hope my tips could help you tide over during the sickly days.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you and the kids are down! Wishing you a quiet and restful Mother's Day ;)

    1. Thanks Adora. We are getting better and the kids were smiling most of the time today. :)


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