Weekend painting - Doodling

I love to read about kid's crafts activities on blogs, not so much on books thou. Especially from our Singapore Mom Bloggers website.

I have not enrolled Big E to any art classes yet. I wanted to because I can't draw well. I also have no idea how to teach her. Or maybe I never put in any effort to teach her and draw simple things, like cars, trees, houses, clouds, birds, flowers, etc. Please recommend me any good books on drawings if you know of any. :)

Yesterday, we were up before 8am. I decided we should doodled on our dining table. Big space and inaccessible to Small E, so that she will not disturb her sister and got herself in a mess. I searched for mahjong paper but could not find in our house. So I used the brown paper instead. I also bought her some rollers and sponges to explore.

Tools I used

Which colour should I used?
This was what she doodled. She did not have the patience to paint for long. Just 10 mins. I asked her why she stopped. She said that she wanted to watch My Little Pony in okto. The other reason was she did not like brown paper. She preferred white. 0-0 |||

Final artwork
Till then! Will share more on doodling on mahjong white paper.


  1. Hi Joey! I think this is a great attempt for you and your child already! Jiayou! Check this out. It starts from young to cultivate even such 'freestyle' painting as Singaporeans are not used to having such freedom and thus have difficulty. Does she paint frequently? If not, just start by having once a week free painting on regular A3 drawing paper. Slowly, but surely you will notice attention span increase. You can also put set ups for her to inspire her. Anything she has interests on like flowers or what? All the best!


    1. She does not paint frequently. Maybe I never set an example or expose her. She prefers scrapbooking, just like me. Cos the materials are always on my desk. :)


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