Kid's Craft: Scalloped edge scissors

Frankly, I was quite scared for Big E to handle a pair of scissors to cut papers. Surprisingly, she told me that her teacher has taught her how to hold and cut paper with a kid's scissors.

Ohh... I was given impression that I should not be introducing scissors to her yet. I was wrong?

Well, I bought a kid's scissors from Popular the other day. Then she should me how she cut the paper. I was quite impressed with her. But found a bit weird to cut the way her teacher taught her.

After much practice and assurance, I gave her a craft scissors with scalloped edges pattern.

Her works
She got bored after a while. But loved to do it again when she has the mood again.

Wonder when I will give her a real pair of scissors to use. Say next year?

Your thoughts?


  1. Hi Joey, I introduced scissors to my kids as early as 2-3yo. Supervise them as they use scissors. Teach them how to hold the scissors properly when passing it to another person. Never run or play with it unless u are using it to cut paper. No touching the scissors unless mommy is ard. Do let your kids use as it does improve on their motor skill but rem with close supervision. After a while you can sit back a little without having the scary thoughts. But still kids are kids, gentle reminder when they use it. Also, for a start get those round headed scissors and kids friendly type.

    1. Thanks Jean. I will try out with #2 when she is older. Great tips.


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