Kids' indoor playground - Cool de sac - Great for SAHM playdate

We went for a SAHM playdate a few days ago with some of my mummy friends at Cool de sac. It is quite a newly kids' indoor playground that is located at Suntec City Shopping Mall.


We hardly ventured a location that is in town. In fact, I felt like a tourist myself when I saw so many new shops along the citylink passageway from the City Hall MRT station till Suntec City. I guess I have not been there for 2 years. Shopping on a weekday was quite good as there was hardly any crowd and I could enjoy my time shopping a while before heading home after the playdate.

Once we entered the playground, Big E was super excited as it was her first visit there. But I told her that she has to finish her lunch before she could play.

The menu looked good to us.

Kids menu

Regular menu

We ordered chicken, fish and spagetti. They tasted good I must say.

Yum yum
After lunch, Big E went straight to the "dress me up" area to try on some costumes. Unfortunately, most of the costumes were too small for her to put on. It will be good if they have more pull overs instead so that other kids of the same size could play. I was surprised that some of the costumes were badly managed and torn.

She tried on this mask. But the band was broken. However, I encouraged her to hold and look into the mirror to have fun.

Mask on
Next area she was excited about was the art and craft area. She made a belated Father's Day card for her papa. (Forgotten to take the photo of the card.)

Trying to learn from the auntie beside her
Then, she tried on the slides and swings. I must say, it was not challenging for her. But she had fun nevertheless. :)

Not challenging for her. But she had fun nevertheless

Something new

The last stop was the arm painting. She loves it and requested me to draw for her once we got home. Oh well, I have to learn a new skill soon from youtube. I am not a good painter but will try my best to draw something decent. Will be buying some paint palette and draw soon. (hopefully I can share some of my works in my blog.)

Arm drawing
There is also a toddler's section on the other end. Both girls had fun with their playdates.

Toddler section


My feedback about the place
There was some pros and cons that I would like to share my thoughts on.

1. What I like about this place was that there was no time restriction to enjoy the facilities as compared to other indoor playgrounds we went to.
2. Lots of different sections catering to different needs. The place was spacious.
3. Food was nice and reasonably priced.
4. Staff was friendly.

1. There was no restrooms inside the playground, not even a kid's toilet. The nearest one was actually the male restroom that was situated next to it. The female one was situated at least 50m away. We had to walk pass a few shops before we could enter. It was disadvantage to us SAHMs as we had to tow our kids to a far end if they need a leak.
2. There was also no nursing room. If you need to feed your baby or toddler, please remember to bring your nursing cover or feed discreetly.
3. The toddler's section has no barrier to prevent the toddlers from crawling out to the eating area. I saw some who picked up the leftovers on the floor and attempting to put into their mouth.
4. Some of the toys were spoilt. I suggested the management or staff should check the toys meticulously as it will pose danger to the toddlers who were playing with them.


Do remember to bring your socks, otherwise, you have to pay for them upon entry. :) This is definately a good playdate venue and we will come back again.

If you are interested to go, you can visit their facebook or website for more information.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We paid our fees to get in and food to enjoy. :)