Kids' Outdoor Playground - Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

I have always wanted to bring Big E to this place before Small E was borned. I never did. However, we just did last week and there were mixed feeling about this place. :)

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
It was an impulsive decision to take a public bus from Clementi Central after we finished shopping for face paints at artfriend. I checked my watch and it was still early to go home in the afternoon. I checked throught my list of places to go for the June holidays and selected this place without second thought as it was quite near Clementi.

We went there totally unprepared and I regretted immediately upon reaching the venue.

  1. The weather was super hot and sunny. We never brought enough water to drink.
  2. It was Small E's nap time. We had to take turns to carry her as we never brought any stroller or carrier.
  3. Big E was not excited to go to a unfamiliar park. We hardly brought them to parks, I must confessed.
  4. We never brought any insect repellent, except for 2 mosquito patches that was in my bag. I was attacked by mosquitoes and super lots of ants on the benches and sand.
  5. The water splash park never excite Big E as it was more suitable for toddlers or younger kids.
  6. We did not have enough time to venture to the other parts of the Botannical Garden as we had to leave early to avoid the peak hours of the train.

Nevertheless, the kids still had their fun.

Suspension bridge

Not sure why the other slide was on maintenance

This kept her occupied most of the times
After Small E woke up, I suggested to go for ice cream and snacks at the cafe outside the garden. Big E was thrilled.

Yummy ice cream!
After munching, we left the garden and walked towards the Botannical Garden MRT station. On our way there, we passed by the pond. It caught the kids' attentions and we lingered there. We showed the kids the ducks and the tortoises. Even saw a black swan!

Peaceful pond
It was a pity that we had to rush through the beautiful garden. The weather was bearable towards the evening time. I asked Big E if she would like to go back for a picnic. I was surprised she was not that excited but did not mind the pond again.

Oh well, maybe I was not a park person. But I told myself that I will definately be well organised and prepared for the next time.

This gate is the nearest to the MRT station
and Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Till then!