Neighbourhood playgrounds - They are free!

I was a lazy mother who dislike to bring my kids to the outdoor playgrounds to play in the day because I did not like to perspire under the hot sun - especially during 10 or 11 plus. I could not brought them there earlier cos either one of them woke up late or I was held back by something - a tantrum, housework, errand, sickness, weather... could be anything.

Besides, Small E could not walk then. Bringing her there was meaningless. Indeed, Big E was deprived of her play during weekdays.

There are 3 neighbourhood playgrounds that are very near to us. I just don't understand why Big E likes to play there over and over again. Maybe she just wanted to PLAY and be out of the house.

After reading one of my mummy blogger - Stayathomemumof3 's posts, I was inspired to bring my kids out all by myself in the morning. We ventured to new playgrounds which are slightly further than the 3 playgrounds, but still within the 2 km vicnity - we don't need to take bus there. What did it result in? Happy and sweaty kids!

Having fun
I took a lot of photographes at the playground and complied them into my SMASH book (one book, just for playgrounds). Big E loves to decorate the pages every month.

Practising her stepping up skill
With Small E's ability to walk better now, she can't wait to be on her own at the stairs or even slides. I just wondered why the swings are not seen in all the playgrounds we went. Do you know the reason why?

Our little terror - maybe this is the reason.
Neighbourhood playgrounds are free. Used them!


  1. Yay! glad that you have discovered the joy of FREE playgrounds! i'm envious that your playground looks so new!

    1. newer estate? actually, maybe hardly any kids play on them? hmm.. no tech savvy and all the social media. The kids are hardly out in my opinion.


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